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Loofah Soaps

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I am not sure if you've ever used a loofah soap before. I have and they are one of my absolute favorite soaps to use!! For some, they seem a bit abrasive but for others it feels amazing! With Loofah soaps you get the best of both worlds. The exfoliation and the moisture from the glycerin, oils and butters in the soap surrounding the loofah. They create a great lather too! Toss out the washcloth! You won't need it when you use a loofah soap.  

Another great thing about loofah soaps. They won't slide off the soap deck in your shower! 

We've had customers claim loofah soaps helped with their stubborn cellulite, acne, scalp etc. We can't attest to these claims because we just use it as soap but we've had numerous customers send us comments letting us know why they love our loofah soaps. 

At Soap of the South, we offer a variety of loofah soaps that smell amazing! Choose from round soap bars in mango papaya, southern breeze, figs n sugar or seaside cotton. 

We have wholesale loofah loaves as well. Choose from tropical vacation, bamboo & white grapefruit, raspberry lemonade, black raspberry vanilla and honey almond.

Shop owners, if you are looking for a unique product for your store. Loofah soaps in bars or slices from our wholesale loaves are the way to go! 


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