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Soap Loaves - All of our soap loaves are already priced at wholesale for your convenience but we do have sets where you can purchase multiple loaves at a slight discount. These sets are great when you are unsure of what to order. NO SUBSTITUTES in order to get the discount for each set. 

Bar Soaps  - 5 ounces when poured - Shea Butter or Goat's Milk 

Loofah (Luffa) Soaps - 6 ounces when poured - Shea Butter or Glycerin/Olive Oil (can also get all shea butter with NO COLOR)

Bath Bombs  - 7 ounce bath bombs 

Salt Soaps - 5 ounces when poured - Shea butter or glycerin/olive oil with sea salt

Dead Sea Salt - 16 ounce zipper seal bag of dead sea salt blend

Please allow up to 6 business days processing on these items before shipping. This does not mean it will necessarily take that long. We never know how many orders will come in at the same time. If you are in need of your order quickly please contact me to see if we can meet your expected time frame.