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Margaret Soap Bar

Soap of the South

  • $ 810

This particular soap is named after my great aunt Margaret.

A woman of strength, grace, happiness and so full of love! She is currently in her 80's and I have never heard her complain about anything, ever!

I chose this scent because it reminds me of her home. Her home has always been super clean and smelled fresh with a hint of floral, tiny bit of peach and a light powder.

I wanted to create a few soaps in honor of the women in my life who taught me to be to be strong, have good work ethic, be compassionate and know that I can do anything I put my mind to. They were the truly empowered women in our lives. Pioneering women who overcame so many obstacles to become great mother's, grandmother's and aunts. So here is to you Margaret! The "Greatest" Great Aunt Ever!

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